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At Ameyzoo you will be served by qualified and helpful staff to ensure the best for you and your pet.
As well as fantastic general and healthcare advice we also offer:
  • Free claw trimming service (a donation in our charity pot would be appreciated for doing this)
  • Snake Probing (free if snake from us or £1 donation per snake into our charity box)
  • Tortoise Beak Trimming (a donation in our charity pot would be appreciated for doing this)
  • Minor Medical Matters (a donation in our charity pot would be appreciated for doing this)
  • Microchipping. Mark Amey is trained and approved to microchip all reptiles. Call to arrange an appointment. Cost is £25 per animal.
  • Enclosures – wide range of Vivariums stocked (for more information see below)
  • Electrical – Basking Bulbs, Infrared Bulbs, Ceramics, Mercury Vapour Lamps, Guards, Thermostats, UV Bulbs, Timers, Misting systems, Thermometers, etc.
  • Decor – Backdrops, Substrates, Plants, Branches, Hides, Water dishes, Food dishes, etc.
  • Diet - Locusts, Crickets, Wax worms, Morio worms, Mealworms, Fruit beetle grubs, Fruit flies, Curly winged flies stocked. Frozen mice (pinkies to jumbo), Rats (pups to jumbo), Rabbits, Chicks, Quails, and Gerbils too.
  • We also stock a wide range of tinned food (crickets, snails, mealworms, monitor food, omnivore food), pellets (various types – turtle and tortoise products available)
  • Feeding tweezers, insect dispensers and handling equipment are also available!
  • Wide range of supplements and dusting powders available.
  • Healthcare – Huge range of disinfectants available, hand cleansers and medication available too.
We are stockists of: Zoo Med, Arcadia, Komodo, Lucky Reptile, JBL, beaphar, F10, Vetark …….to name a few!
We also stock an extensive range of resin products - Water dishes, Food dishes, Hides, Moss boxes, etc. Many of these products have been designed by us!
We always have Vivariums in stock. However, custom built vivariums can be made to order in a choice of 17 wood finishes You design it – we build it! (Providing satisfactory space is provided for your pet)
This bespoke service does not cost extra!
We can also create glass lined vivariums (Perfect for high humidity loving species), Glass tanks (great for frogs), Invertebrate tanks, and Rodent Tanks
We offer a huge exciting range of products to enable you to recreate the South American rainforests or Arid Australian outback in your own home. We have a vast range of inert substrates for the floor covering and a wide range of branches, plants and decorations, all of which are non-toxic and are from sustainable sources.
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