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AmeyZoo is a small business located near Watford owned and managed by Mark Amey. We are a humane company and believe that all animals deserve a good home. That's why we not only sell our offspring but we also inform buyers on care, housing, and most important of all, problem situations. Because Exotic Pets are such delicate animals, we know that mistakes can happen, so we do offer after care service.

Private owners must be willing to become educated on the highly specialized care required and the knowledge of the animals habits. They need nutrition, exercise, socialization, training, and proper enclosure. It's a huge responsibility to take on any animal as a pet. Considering an exotic is an even more serious responsibility, some of the animals natural behaviours may not be to your liking. Wild instinct will always be present, and it's only through training / handling or interacting on a regular basis can you enjoy your exotic to the fullest. Never compare to cats and dogs or domesticated animals, you may be disappointed.

AmeyZoo respects all wildlife, and other exotics. In accordance with animal rights and business standards we will only sell our products as well as our livestock to customers that meet company and organizational standards. Under no circumstances will we consider selling an animal or any product to any impulse purchase. It's in these situations that animals are sometimes treated inhumanly, neglected, or fed improperly.

We spend a great deal of our time ensuring that all our products are of the best  quality and comply with the animal welfare act, so much so that we recently won a top pet industry award for our work. We take pride in breeding animals as intricate as Marsupials, Mammals, Reptiles, Arachnids and Amphibians. And I myself hope that every other breeder out there feels the same way.

This business is here, not only for financial purposes but also to gain more knowledge  of great animals. Exotics are rapidly becoming very popular pets and that's why we and others breed them thus reducing the need to depopulate  the wild population (it's tough enough with so much deforestation). We have gained a great deal of information from our own experiences and from what is written and conveyed from other breeders and zoos. And it's working. Our breeding program is producing quality pets, we have procedures for health mishaps, and try to have answers to just about any question the customer throws at us.

We are here for the benefit of the animal and with your help and questions, these great animals will become great pets.

If you are still interested in learning more please come along and visit us at our Shop. Feel free to e-mail us with any questions or for information on any of our animals.
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