Common Name: Royal/Ball Python

Latin Name: Python regis

Royal Python
Distribution: Africa Natural Habitat: Savannah
Adult Size: 3-5 feet Diet: Carnivore
Life Span: 15+ Years

Natural Habitat

This species inhabits the grassland, savannah and wooded plain regions of Africa.


Usually quite docile and shy. Will roll up into a ball if disturbed. This snake in my opinion is a good captive reptile if handled infrequently. If you want a python to handle regularly there are many others to choose from.

Captive environment

When captive, adults will require a 3or 4' x2' x 2' vivarium. Hatchlings should be housed in small vivarium or hatchling box.
Provide a basking area with access to a cooler zone and dark hiding places. Use reptile heating pads, or ceramic/heat cable for 24- hour heat, always connected to a thermostat. Substrates that can be used are newspaper, orchid bark, aspen shavings.


Day temperature should be gradient from 78 to 90 F.
Maintain night temperature range between 72-80 F.


This species requires moderate to high levels of humidity.

Water Requirements

Provide a large fairly deep bowl for drinking and soaking.

Nutritional requirements

Feed on rodents in captivity. Offer weekly. Defrost in hot tap water. Offer with tweezers – never with your fingers. This species can be a very particular feeder. Do not handle the day after feeding.

All reptiles possess zoonotic properties so ensure you wash your hands after handling your reptile.

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