Common Name: Green Tree Frog

Latin Name: Hyla cinerea

Green Tree Frog
Distribution: USA Natural Habitat: Tropical Rainforest
Adult Size: 2.5 inches Diet: Insectivore
Life Span: 3-6 Years


USA. Inhabits the mixed woodland and tropical rainforest. This species is nocturnal.


A tall 45x30x30cm glass terrarium with adequate ventilation.
A tropical woodland environment should be provided. They require moderate to high levels of humidity. Real plants can be used provided they are safe.
UVA & UVB lighting is beneficial for the health and wellbeing of the frog (2% UVB inside the tank or 5% UVB if using a mesh top) and should be on for 12-14 hours a day. A heat mat should be stuck to one side of the tank – not on the floor, and connected to a themostat.
Provide a large water dish for drinking and soaking. Do not use tap water. Use bottled water or treat with Repti-safe.
You can keep more than one frog together providing they are a similar size.
Daily maintenance is required which involves picking out droppings and changing water.


A day temperature gradient should be 24-29°c (76 to 85° F).
Night temperature range between 21-23°c (70-75°F).


The whole animal should be gently grasped and held in the hands. Although generally not a frog to be handled.


Feed insects which should be dusted with a vitamin and mineral supplement. Remember to gut load your live food!


These are a hardy frog. MBD can develop if incorrect lighting is used. Red leg is common in frogs (a disease caused by aeromonas) and can be caused by stress, overcrowding, poor husbandry or unsanitary conditions. If any illness is suspected then consult a good exotic vet.

Always ensure you wash your hands after handling your frog.

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