Common Name: Boa Constrictor

Latin Name: Boa Constrictor imperator

Boa Constrictor
Distribution: South America Natural Habitat: Tropical Rainforest
Adult Size: 6-12+ feet Diet: Carnivore
Life Span: 20+ Years


This terrestrial species inhabits the tropical rain forests of South America. Likes dark hiding places.


Most will become tame with regular handling.
Will get to 5' - 7' females are larger.


Adults require a 120x60x60 or larger vivarium. Use full spectrum lighting 12-14 hours per day. Provide a basking area with ceramic bulb and guard or plate heater connected to a thermostat and access to a cooler zone. Provide several climbing areas on branches, logs, & plants. Create humid burrow using hides filled with moist moss.


Day temperature should be gradient from 28-32°C (84-90 °F).
Maintain night temperature range between 25-28°C (78-82 °F).


This species requires a constant high level of humidity. Mist the enclosure daily for moisture and high humidity. Change the moist moss inside the plastic burrow every 4-5 days. Enclosure should be well ventilated.


Feed appropriate sized rodents (mice, hamsters, rats)weekly. Defrost in hot tap water. Do not handle next day after feeding.

All reptiles possess zoonotic properties so ensure you wash your hands after handling your reptile.

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